senior head shot session for c&c
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Thread: senior head shot session for c&c

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    Default senior head shot session for c&c

    I got a rare opportunity to photograph a high school senior this weekend. He has just won some kind of modeling contest and wanted a few head shots to send off to the contest promoters. This was my first time to ever try head shots. I'd love any c&c from you guys. I'm a big girl and can take it (especially since this was a 'just for fun' session, but is something I wouldn't mind trying again one day).

    All of these were shot w/ my 50mm f/1.4 at ISO 100. On a few I tried to use my SB600 speed light, but when doing so I always ended up with pin lights. I really need work on fill flash.

    The shoot was at 3pm on a VERY hot and humid afternoon. I did my best to find open shade, but as you'll see, I fought the sun the whole time. His shirt kept giving me pink color casts too. :\

    Anyway ... here's a few from the set:

    1. f/2.5 ss=1/160

    2. f/2.5 ss=1/60

    3. f/2.5 ss=1/125 flash used (dang pin lights!)

    4. f/2.5 ss=1/125

    5. f/4.5 ss=1/200 flash used

    6. f/3.2 ss=200 flash used ... is the light spot on his forehead too distracting? I can't decide.

    I know there are a good number here, so don't feel obligated to offer c&c on all. But I would appreciate it if you could pick at least one and let me know what you think.



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    YAY for a new opportunity! I think this age is the BEST! Honestly, and you hit the spot with a good looking young man!

    1. LOVE. This one is so good! I love the bokeh, his expression, and your conversion!
    2. his pose is a bit weird. It's like he's bending over to pic up something. I don't know though....
    3. yep, you can tell the flash was used. love his expression and pose though!
    4. love. This the conversion could be a bit brighter though.
    5. looks a bit underexposed to me maybe? He just doesn't seem bright enough.
    6. I don't mind the pin-lights here as much, but I do thing the bright white spot is distracting. Could you heal it perhaps?

    Great job GiGi! I think you did great!
    Sadie- mommy to Ruthie & Randy
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    Your part of the work looks great, I think the model himself needs to learn to relax for the camera you can definitely see some tension.

    #1 There is a funny white spot in his hair that bothers me, I personally would Photoshop it.
    #3 Love how well you captured his image in this its very clear.
    #5 This is my favourite, just seems like everything worked well.
    #6 I do find the light spot a bit distracting.
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    * Amanda *

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    Wow is he cute! lol I will leave the technical CC to the more experienced gals but I enjoyed these shots a lot! I think you did great. The main thing that jumps out at me is the blue highlights on his hair in #3. And yes, about #6....I would try to clone/color that spot out.

    Edit: I think even though you got pinlights in #3 I think everything else looks very smooth and NOT flashy!!! there isn't even any shadow under his chin which I thought was great! (to me it just looks like his jawline's natural shadow from being underneath his face, IYKWIM)
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    I wish I could photograph more seniors and/or adults! They are much easier than kids (aka toddlers, LOL!)

    I love #2, however it doesn't look PP. Do you think you could bump the curves a little bit and do a little color pop? I also really like #4 but think that could benefit from a little curve bump as well.

    Great job!

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    I think these look really nice over all, but some look a bit dark to me. The one with the flash is great, but the first thing that I notice is the flash. Probably most people would never notice that. The last one I'm going to say, yes, way too distracting. I would scrap that one, or if you really love it, try brushing a skin color over the light patch at a very low opacity? See what happens Can't hurt to try!

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    GiGi, what a great opportunity to photograph this young man!

    1. This is my favorite. I wish we had more room on the left though, since he's looking that way. But I really like this one.

    2. something about the color seems off to me, not sure if I can put my finger on it ...

    3. oh, sucks that you had to use the flash! it looks a bit "flashy" to me. not just the pinlights, I can just immediately tell that it's flash. but you know, that's not a big deal, especially since he's going for the modeling. the pinlights are unfortunate though. It's a very flattering photo though, looks great overall.

    4. I think this needs to be brightened, his face overall is too dark. but the focus is nice and I love how the bokeh really separates him from the background. nice conversion too.

    5. can you add some fill light in ACR? despite the flash, I feel like he needs more light. I like the pose.

    6. yes, that spot is very distracting to me! so are the pinlights. sorry.

    Has he seen them yet? Bet he loves them!
    Gwen, Mommy to Andrew, Jordan, Natalie & Jack

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