senior session for cc

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senior session for cc

You guys might remember this girl from an MMA shoot this summer (she's going pro in Januray!). Now she is graduating college (TAMU - whoop!) and will be heading to medical school next fall (smart, beautiful, and has an awesome right cross - what a combination!).

ANYWAY ... she asked me to meet her on campus for a few quick shots in the hopes we would get one she could put in w/ her graduation announcements. The wind was blowing SO HARD and it was really too cloudy and cool for the skimpy little dress she wore, but we did the best we could. She also was only doing this b/c her dad wants the photos and I think you can tell in some of these - natural smiles were hard to come by. I think she feels more comfortable in the MMA ring (where I couldn't get her to stop smiling this last summer). Wink

All shots were taken w/ my 50mm at 200 ISO. I attempted to use my speed light for fill.

1. f/2.8 ss=1/80

2. f/2.8 ss=1/60

3. f/2.8 ss=1/100

4. f/2.8 ss=1/100

5. f/2.8 ss=1/100

6. f/2.8 ss=1/100

7. f/2.8 ss=1/100

I know this is a lot - so don't feel like you have to comment on all of them, but if you could pick a few, I would really appreciate it. I am going to be taking more of her and her family on the day of graduation as well, so I'd really like to take back any suggestions for that day.



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cute pics of a pretty girl!
#1 doesn't do a whole lot for me with her hand over part of her face.
In general i think they maybe could use some warming up...they seem a little cool...maybe it's just me and my monitor.
#3 is a good pose and I love the shoes!
#6...i like the wind blowing the tassle...tassles are weird just hanging still sometimes so i like it moving here.
#7 i also like but maybe try cloning out some of the fly-away hairs so it doesn't look quite so windy? Worth a shot.

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Thanks Becca. She looks cool to me too, but she is SO PALE in real life that I am having a hard time balancing it. She's also getting over a cold so her eyes are red rimmed and then you add all of the bruises from her MMA training and ... well ... skin is tough anyway, but for her it is even more so. I'll work on her hair in the last shot (that is my favorite, I think).

Thanks again!

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ooh yeah pale skin in a cold environment would make for a fun white balancing act Smile

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beautiful girl Smile
#3 looks like her face may be OOF?
#4 Her left eye gets lost in the shadowof her hair. For me the bridge takes alot way from the image...seems too over powering
love #6--bokeh and focus look great! I'm totally drawn in by her eyes
#7 also love this one and the use of the bridge leading out. Her skin seems too warm/red in this one though compared to 6 with the same settings

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I like #2 except for the pinlights, and I like #3 a lot except I'd fix her splotchy knee Smile her face looks maybe soft there though, not sure.
I like #5 except for the bare tree trunk on the upper right.
I really like #7!

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GiGi- she is a gorgeous girl! I think you did a good job on these!

1. I may be the odd one out but I like #1. I like the moment you caught. Smile
2. The pin lights here bug me a bit. I like everything else though.
3. Is she soft? I love this otherwise!
4. I might try a closer crop here. I know you were going for a bridge shot, but I think the bridge might be too much.
5 & 6- great shots!
7- she does look a bit warmer/reder here.

I soooo understand the pale skin. The last family shoot I did, they wore light blue and she is PALE. It was hard, hard, hard.

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She's a gorgous girl!

#1, I'm afraid the finger over the eye is a downer for me. If it was just brushing her hair away without being over her eye, I think it would have been nice.
#2 pin lights
#3 I like this one, but I'd still crop a bit more off on the right
#4 Cute idea, but I feel like she gets lost in all those bridge rails.
#5 My favorite, but I'd probably crop it tighter.
#6 Very pretty
#7 The thumb on this one looks kind of cheesy, sorry Smile

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#6 is my favourite. It would be #3 as it shows her school, etc, but she looks slightly OOF to me