senior shoot (8 photos)

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senior shoot (8 photos)

Hit me hard ladies. I want to improve. My SIL has a nephew who is a senior and they wanted me to take some pics. I was more than happy to do it for practice. Boy, do I have a LOT to learn. I tried my best at editing. I am not the best. I do want to know what I can do, to do better. So, have at it! #s 1,2, &6 were taken at the winery/

For some odd reason the settings are not showing up. :confused: Sorry.


2) Want to see this one in a B&W. I tried, but my conversions SUCK!

3) 1/320

4) 1/200

5) 1/230
f/ 5.6
ISO- 1000 :eek: WTH was I thinking?

ISO- 800

A few collages I worked on as well-

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I can't really comment on color as I'm on my uncalibrated work monitor... but here's what I see.

1) Comp is off in this one. He needs to be on the left side of the frame facing in.
2) I like the idea here but it looks pretty flat. Do you have room to play on each side?
3) This one look really nice. Good focus and pose, but the thing he is leaning on looks like a handbag to me. Call me crazy Smile
4) Again, comp is off. Same as #1,but to the right this time.
5) Too centered - crop so his eyes are in the upper third of the frame.
6) Your best overall - could be brighten up a tad. is there any room to play above his head on this one?

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making dinner right now so i'll come back later and CC Smile but one thing i noticed is that his skin tone looks different in every single picture. I know skin tones are hard though. Smile

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I am also making dinner so no time for indepth CC, but noticed the skintones are different in every pic and that they are slightly too centered for my liking. I couldn't even begin to imagine shooting a senior, so well done getting out there.

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when you can get your settings post them, could be the monitor i'm on at work but they look at bit grainy esp #3

looks like a great first senior shoot though Smile WTG

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ok here's my cc Smile
#1 I feel like he should be more on the left side of the picture. I want to see what's on the right Smile and if this is in camera shot, maybe you could do a tighter crop and take away some of that space on top and on the left.
#2 not really sure about the pose and his eyes are almost a bit centered but not really. I think taking away some of the space above his head would help. could use a bit of brightening Smile
#3 is this in camera crop? I would like to see more of his elbow that way his eyes would be more on the right side of the picture. ROT's I guess Smile
#4 looks underexposed (or could use a bit of brightening...settings would really help!) again there is too much space behind him. would love to see more of the left side and maybe his feet too Smile nice pose!
#5 eyes are too centered here and not diggin the background. try a different crop Smile
#6 could use a bit of brightening Smile

and like i said in my previous post, his skin tone looks different in every picture (to me at least). you can tell in the collages you made. Smile which btw I like! the b&w one though could use a bit of contrast when you convert each picture to b&w!

would love it if you posted your settings those. they aren't too hard to find on flickr. And if you can't find them there go directly to that file on your computer and right click on that specific picture and click on the second or third tab (details i think?) and you will have your settings there too Smile

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Sorry about not including the settings. The settings were not showing up, but they are now. I will update after this class. Thanks for the cc ladies. Wish I had more room on my flickr to share the SOOC. I suck at editing and I don't have a clue when it comes to skintones.

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3 is my fav Smile

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I agree that #'s 1 and for are cropped a little funny. Put him a little to the side. The collage is great, but the different skin tones and contrasts are a bit distracting.

I do like #'s 5 and 6. Those are my favorite two because they seem a bit more natural.

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ok a little more cc from me Smile

I noticed, now that you added your settings, that your ISO is pretty high on all of these and you were outdoors. When I'm outdoors I usually don't go past ISO 200. Usually its at ISO100 unless it's a gloomy day and I need to increase it to ISO320 or so Smile Try setting your aperture to 3.2 or around there somewhere (if your lens goes down that far..what lens are you using out of curiousity?) and then set your SS after that Smile like on #2 for example. Your ISO is 800 but your SS is 640. You had to increase your SS so much because your ISO was so high. Smile I'd lower the ISO and then the SS would decrease as well and then you wouldn't get so much grain (not that I see any in this picture, but just in case ya know?) anyway, this is something that I'd do any way. So forgive my rambling if you already know all this stuff Blum 3