September Assignment: Favorites

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September Assignment: Favorites

Wow guys! You really rocked the August assignment (textures)! I hope you will have as much fun this month with our new topic: favorites.

What is your favorite thing to do ... with your kids, with your spouse, with your mom, by yourself? What's your favorite ... book, movie, food? What's your favorite ... place to go, person to hang out with, memory of the past?

This month is about identifying the things in your life that bring you joy and sharing them here.


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Ok, seriously I forgot all about this one. I feel bad. This one is EASY! Could we maybe extend it? I might be the only one who wants it though. It would be fun to see what everyones favs are!

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I agree, we should make it "Sept/Oct" and just keep it on!

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I would live to do this one. I've had a house full of sick kids the past week or so and an injured, housebound husband for 6 weeks so photo opportunities have been rare.

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My favorite sport - baseball - specifically the Giants!

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My favorite little girl doing one of my favorite silly things, what I call "sippy face" hahaha

one of my favorite recent phone pics....and favorite subjects (wildflowers)

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Just a snap (featuring a very goofy grin!) but a favourite for us: baking in the kitchen with the kids.