Seriously LOVE this kid

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Seriously LOVE this kid

I can't get enough of this kid. He is just gorgeous and all of the photos from his shoot are near perfect.

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I can see why you love these...he is a cutie, for sure! How old is he?

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Looking good. His skin must be really smooth because in some of the picture he looks like an actual doll. My only CC would get the blue cast out of his white shirt Smile otherwise - lovely.

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SOOOOOO CUTE! Love that smile and smooth skin!

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He is such a cutie, wonderful shots.
I loved taking pictures of Natalie that young, or at least when she looked about that size.

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Such piercing blue eyes! I especially LOVE the shot were his little teeth are showing.

I think I would like to see less of the bench legs in the B/W to focus a little closer in on the baby. I think it could be done with the rule of thirds. However, this might be just be a quirky personal preference.

BTW, I've been meaning to ask you about the black backdrop. Is it easy to work with? I love the portraits you do with this backdrop and would really like to try it sometime.

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I did think about cropping it but forgot Biggrin

It's funny I get asked a LOT about that back drop.

I use firstly a black knit fabric that is practically see though, its the kind used for tops, lining or track suits.

Over the top of that I use a black spandex jersey knit. its really stretchy and I peg it at the sides so its tight.

I then make sure its at least 2 feet away from the subject.

I don't know why it works well but it makes such a true black.


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Thanks--I'm definitely going to try that!