Session with the neighbor - heavy!!

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Session with the neighbor - heavy!!

Had a 4 month session with our neighbor this afternoon. Poor guy was so sleepy even after his nap that we couldn't get much out of him. Going to try again in a few days for some more smiles, but I'm pretty happy with what I was able to come up with.

Set up in the garage. All natural light. Reflector camera left. Custom white balance.

Settings were pretty varied, but generally at 3.5 and 400







7. notice anything weird in this one?


(2 months ago..... I think I've learned to stop making people so blue!!! Smile )

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what cute shots! Smile i would think its hard to not make them so blue with a blue background. it would throw me off lol but you did great on these. I bet she loves them huh? I don't see anything weird with #7 actually. but I feel like maybe there shouldn't be so much of her (like her back) in the picture. Maybe a bit less but enough to show her arms and what she is doing. Smile Like maybe scoot over to the left a bit more and take the shot from that angle.

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Oh I love them Judith!!! They look beautiful. What a sleepy lil guy LOL! In #7, is it the shape of her arm closest to you?

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Love #4, these look great even for him being sleepy.

The mom's hair on the right looks weird in 7 like you cloned around it, kind of choppy. Maybe changed the background. That is all that stands out to me when I look quick. Cute expression on the baby though.

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Cute little guy. Lighting is pretty flat. How close is your reflector?

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oh my he's a cutie!!! you did a great job. #4 is my favorite. He looks perfectly exposed and I love the bit of fuzz on the top of his head. Smile


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# 4 is great! Bet his mum loves them to bits. You can see how tired he is in the first two.

Great work!


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I think you did pretty good here! Skin looks good to me over all.

1. Focus looks good, and I think this is a sweet capture

2. Poor sleepy boy ... his eyes seem soft to me (even looked at the large version on Flickr, still seems soft)

3. Not loving this one, I think because looking at mom makes me think she's uncomfortable. Lol

4. Definitely my favorite of this set, love everything about this.

5. I wish mom was angled more so we could see her face ... and it's not a flattering shot of her, so just something to keep in mind next time

6. catchlights look nice here ... but that's one sleepy from his expression. Wink

7. nothing is jumping out at me ... what did you do? the ends of her hair don't look natural, is that it?

8. aaaaaaaaaaaa ... love the thumb

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I love 1 and 4. Such a handsome smile!

My guess is you cloned the bottom right hand corner and around the back of her head. Was there no backdrop in that part of the pic?

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Look at you! These look good!

1. Adorable. Everything looks great on this one!
2. He does look sleepy. That's my only critique.
3. Just wish he looked a bit happier, that's all. Mom is a bit awkard, but not too bad.
4. MY FAV! Great job!
5. not the most flattering pic of mom. Great interaction though.
6. I don't think he looks too sleepy, but more like, "are you done yet!"
7. the only thing I notice is on the left side of the pic, something is not right, but can't tell. Maybe it's my screen though.
8. I too love the thumb. It may not be the most perfect shot, but I know mom will like it to look back on!

You have IMPROVED! Biggrin

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He's a cutie and definitely looks sleepy, but I think that's sweet.

"Melvin76" wrote:

Cute little guy. Lighting is pretty flat. How close is your reflector?

Don't mean to hijack the thread here, but I am curious...what do you mean by flat lighting? (I am asking because I don't understand what that means, not because I am disagreeing or anything)
Sorry if that's a stupid question LOL!