Session from yesterday

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Session from yesterday

I'm on a working holiday in Qld, Australia and I had a few sessions but here are three from a boudoir session I did yesterday.

Would love your thoughts on these


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These are all really great, Cazz, but I gotta say I love the last one best. I love her expression and the soft conversion. I am drawn right to her lovely eyes which is just how it should be (imho).


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Love that last one! You might want to take a look at her shoulder, because I think it might be blown. I like the processing on #1. #2 looks a bit orange-y.

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LOVE. Seriously Cazz, these are amazing. I can't choose a fav!

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I just love that first one. I'd probably whiten her teeth a bit, but otherwise it's such a lovely shot. #3 is really lovely too. Nice conversion. #2 isn't quite as good as the other two. I think it would have been stronger if you had pulled back a little and if her face had a softer or more definite expression. She looks a bit vacant in that one as compared to the other two.

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Love these! The first thing I was drawn to in the #1 was her teeth though, so I'd try to whiten those a little. #3 is my fav!