Setting up Photography lights.

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Setting up Photography lights.

some of you may have seen the thread where I said my DH bought me some photography lights. I have no clue where to put them when i am shooting. Do I use all 3 of them? The kit came with 3 lights and 2 white umbrellas and 1 black one.

this is what it says about what I have. If anyone can help me or give me some advice it would be great! Thanks!

3 x Premium LS-Photo Studio Exclusive Light Bulb
5400K 30W Day-light Energy Saving Light Bulb
Specially Designed for Umbrella Reflector for best performance.
Base: E26 Regular Base

2 x Studio Quality White Premium Umbrella Reflector

Easy to set up
Premium Umbrella Snow White Reflector (34" Wide)
Adjustable Light Head for perfect light stream to your object
Reflect and Spread light stream evenly
Eliminate glare and spots

1 x Studio Quality Black-Silver Premium Umbrella Reflector
Silver reflective internal face and Black back side
- Silver Internal Face: Minimize Light Loss & Maximize Light Spread
Ideal for Portatraits & Object Product Shooting
Material: Silver Reflective & Black Nylon, Aluminum Shaft
Dimension: 22" Length (Folded), 33" Wide
Light Weight: Less than 1 Lbs
Color: Translucent Silver and Black
Reflect and Spread light stream evenly
Eliminate glare and spots

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Nichole - this is a great little article that gives you a general idea of how to position your lights.

Your reflective umbrella will be your main light source - then you can use a reflector or a second light as your fill. Another tip someone gave me is the closer the light source, the less harsh is spreads across your subject. Also, make it slightly above your subject's head and angled down.

Can't wait to see some test shots Smile Make sure to include a pull-back too!!

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Thats a great link! I am JUST starting to play around with lights as well. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!