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So I am a big time lurker in here...

I have been taking photos since i was in JR high school... really got into in High School... but back then it was film... to 35mm was my fave...

at the start of this year DH bought me a new Nikon.. (D3100)... I have loved it so far... but i really havent had time to use it... I think my grandfather has used it more then me... so I have never gotten to play with settings or anything...

We just got two new cards for it and I am not sure what to set my Image Quality or Image Size to... If I use the mem. card in my little canon i get over 5,000 photos... and when i put it in my Nikon i only got 914... I know how to change it but not sure what to change it to...

Any help would be great...
thank you...

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if you're going for pro photography and to get your pics with the most info you'll want to shoot RAW. You can google RAW and see all of pros and cons of shooting in RAW vs. JPEG. I usually use JPEG just because I edit in JPEG at the moment because of the program that I use. Plus RAW takes up a LOT more space on memory cards which may be giving you a limited photo number. As for size I shoot FINE which is the highest quality. I bought 14mp for a reason, i want them all :). If you shoot in JPEG you'll probably get more pics on the card but keep in mind that the card will still probably hold less pics because there is so much more info and mp in each photo on this type of camera.

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Yeah, you'll probably want to take advantage of your camera, and shoot in the highest quality. Sure, it gives you less space on your card, but you'll have better quality images. Now, that being said, if you know you're not going to print out huge or anything, you could probably afford to take the quality down a little.

Not being able to get as many photos on the card as I could my point and shoot was an adjustment to me. I was a hoarder and never wanted to delete anything. Now, I just make sure that I have the files backed up after I put them on the computer and delete as soon as I can. I take so many pictures that I'd never have any room on my cards, and I'd spend a fortune on new ones every time one was full.

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I remember the adjustment too. It was crazy. It's even more crazy when you go from JPEG to RAW. I only shoot RAW these days, but I am in need of another card. I would suggest an external hard drive if you shoot in RAW.

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Hello, my name is Erin, and I am a recovering picture hoarder! Nice to meet you all! haha Smile

I just recently started deleting pics that missed focus, that had awful limb chops or some other glaring flaw. I used to feel like if I deleted a pic of my son it was like erasing HIM, and it was hard for me. It's so liberating to only keep and edit the good pics...but that doesn't really answer your question does it!? Wink

I shoot in RAW, which requires a little processing to get it to where the camera would have had the image as a JPEG. I wish I would have started shooting RAW when I first got the camera because now that I know a teeny bit about post processing I would LOVE to go back and try to fix some of my old photos and RAW is so much more flexible..yeah, they're bigger files, but you're working with more data and it's so much more forgiving than JPEG. I am a lover of RAW.

If you want to stick with JPEG I would definitely keep it on fine Smile

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well found out my comp will not download RAW pics... so i guess it is JPEG until we get things updated...

also i need to take my cam in because the focal part of the lenses moves up and down... so my pics are not in focus... so very sad since this coming up weekend is a big weekend and we have lots of plans... might see if the other lenses will work still...

thanks all so much..

also I am one that will not delete photos... i have about 10 mem cards with photos on them... and they are all on an external hard drive...

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