Shaking the Blues.... Help Requested

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Shaking the Blues.... Help Requested

I'm in the process of organizing all my old photos on Photobucket. I'm also editing several of the salvageable point-and-shoots. Someone took this photo of my husband when we were in Alaska last year. My hubby also took several other shots on the cold, overcast catamaran trip from Seward to the fjords that turned out blue. I'd like to correct these pics as much as possible.

Below is my before and after. I had never used the equalize color function before and was surprised how well it got rid of the blue. Still, DH's face is too dark and too red. I've tried adjusting the colors and tone but haven't been very successful. I don't expect it to be perfect but would appreciate any tips for improving this shot. Thanks, Janet

1. Before

2. After editing (I think I oversharpened)

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You're going to have to do some masking here. Duplicate layers, work on the background separately from your DH. I can't do ANY editing right now (my house is under construction, don't get me started on the nightmare living situation) - but I think it's definitely salvagable.

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I totally agree with Gwen. You'll have some work to do, but it can be done. Yes, your pic is way oversharpened. Can't wait to see what you can do!

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Thanks for the tips! I was hoping there was a magic button I was overlooking, but oh well. Smile I haven't worked with layers before, but this will be a good opportunity for me to play around and learn a valuable technique.