SHaped Bokeh Tutorial

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SHaped Bokeh Tutorial

....Finally!!! Just as a disclaimer. I am NOT the best at this but I do understand it, so hopefully this short thrown together under developed tutorial will help at least one person grasp this awesome concept a little better Smile

What you will need:
Black construction paper
Glass filter for your lens
Scissors or Exacto Knife
Shaped hole punch(es)

Place your filter down on the Black paper and push down to get a good outline for the size of your filter

Cut out the shape (it may need to be trimmed) and punch a shaped hole in the middle of the circle

Then place the construction paper with the shaped hole into the filter (if you do not have a filter than you may tape the paper to your lens just make sure no light can enter except for through the shaped hole

Next hang some type of stringed lights or grouped lights (poor example here)

Put your camera in Manual focus mode and focus until you see the lights take on the shape of your cut out:

Place an object fairly far away from the lights to create a depth of field. These flowers are placed about 4 feet away from the lights, then I placed a spot on the flowers to light them slightly

Keep your f stop (ap) as open as you can to let as much light in as you can and to create more depth of field

here are a few more examples:

*I am not the best at explaining things, but if you have any questions, I can TRY to help Smile These are not the BEST but you get the idea Smile

setting on these photos are around f/1.8 iso 400-800 ss: 1/100-1/125

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I never would have thought you used paper for this!!! Definitely giving it a try. Smile Thanks!

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Wow, that's interesting! I'll have to give it a try! TFS

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I would never have thought to put it inside my filter! AWESOME!

Also, when I tried this last year, I struggled with auto focus. If ever there is a time for manual focus, this seems like it. I can't WAIT to give it a try!



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dp, sorry

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Thank you!

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that is really cool! thanks for sharing

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Thanks!! I can't wait to try this.