Sharing a couple

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Sharing a couple


I have had lots going on lately so havent been on much. Bought a new house YAY very short settlement so heaps to do and not much time to get the camera out

It was my Nana's 80th birthday lunch on the weekend so I thought I would share a couple

CC if you like









Thanks for looking.

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Your nephew is getting so big!!! and that's great news about the house.

1. love this! he's so serious

2. nice bokeh ... but I feel like there's a tad too much green over the entire photo (can see it in her skin)

3. where's the color? it's a VERY cute shot, but there's a lot of color missing here. Nana looks almost all white.

4. this one is nice

5. so sweet!!!! I feel like this needs a tad more contrast (but I'm a contrast girl)

6. the guy seems OOF here - what were your settings? (actually, would love settings on all of these for kicks)

7. guessing you were pretty wide open here. one eye is OOF. and she's very centered (which is okay, because I center a lot too) - just the first thing I noticed about it.

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Wow! You are improving! You are doing great! Glad you popped in!

1. I like this one. Great bokeh & lights!
2. I like this capture. I think it's a great shoot.
3. I agree with Gwen on the color, but I love the idea. Biggrin
4. I like this one, just wish the bottom lady had a more "real" smile.
5. I wish this one was pulled back some, but I love it like it is!

I agree with Gwen on 6&7. TFS!

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Congrats on the new house!!

My favs are # 2 and 5. I love the green bokeh in 2 and I think the moment captured in #5 is just so nice!

I see what Gwen is sayng about OOF on #'s 6 and 7. Even # 2 seems a bit soft.

TFS such fun pictures!

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Congrats on the house!

#6 - did you brighten her eyes and teeth? Too much for me, I'd tone it down.

Great captures.