Sharing a couple from winter =)

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Sharing a couple from winter =)

I am just now slowly going through my pictures from the past few months and editing some. Smile I just wanted to share a couple I found. Any and ALL C&C welcomed of course!! Biggrin

1.) the snow is blown a bit, i tried to fix that in ACR though with that neat little brush Biggrin love it!!!

2.) I didn't realize I was doing the back lighting thing. How did it turn out? I added a vignette. Don't know if it's too much though. I am always so happy when I get eye contact!! Biggrin

3.) and my cat Pinky. I played with levels a bit on this one. It's so hard to take a properly exposed picture when it comes to my black cats! Indoor shots are fine but outdoor ones there are always blown areas! Blum 3

You know, I love taking pictures of almost everything. I just wish sometimes someone could take a few pictures of me every now and then. I'm hardly in any pictures! Lol and when ever I am DH takes the pictures and my eyes are doing something funny. grr! He is not a good photographer Blum 3

I can't wait to get out more and take more pictures. Smile I am slowly getting motivated.

Thanks for looking!


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Looking at your pics, I feel worse! Lol I think you are doing great!

1. the only thing that bothers me, that yellow thing going straight up from her hand...what is that? Could you clone it out?
2. LOVE. Seriously he is cute!
3. I love this one too! Love how the fence draws me straight to her!

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yeah that stick was bugging me too! lol It was put there because of the plow truck. The drivers are idiots and we needed to put sticks out to let them know where the fences are so they don't knock them over and break them. Smile I could clone it out yes. I might do that actually! Thanks! Biggrin

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Snow is hard to get right. Did a great job with the first one. I need to figure out ACR. Love #2 and his expression. I like the vignette on the picture. LOVE kitty pictures. Your kitty is very pretty. I have a black and white cat and he's so hard to shoot and not blow the whites.

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so happy to see a photo post from you!

I also love the brush in ACR, using it a lot now.

but I gotta say, I really don't want to see snow right now. I'm still not over the 5 feet we got in March. ha ha ha

LOVING #2, catchlights are awesome, and I dig the backlighting - looks great! The first photo looks fun (but she seems yellowish to me), and your cat is so sweet. Smile

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thanks! Smile I'm so glad all the snow is gone! i haven't been paying much attention to skin tones lately. They drive me nuts! lol I try my best. Smile I also like warm and saturated pictures :oops: so I tend to do that sometimes too. I'm also not really calibrated so I don't know how far off my pictures really are. None of our computers are calibrated actually. The dude at the store didn't want to sell us a calibration kit because he said we needed one of those fancy monitors especially for editing pictures otherwise its not worth it. :rolleyes: (i think he just wanted to sell us a monitor instead) and my DH believed him. I'll have to buy one anyway sometime. But yeah I have issues with skin tones. Lol

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Great to see you up and about Loida! My favorite is #2, love the catchlight, bokeh, and your son's seriousness.