Sharing a few from today's session

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Sharing a few from today's session

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These are stunning Stacey! I like the red against that backdrop!

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Love them! I wish I could say more but am more than useless with anything even remotely studio like.

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These are great. The only thing I don't like is the little boy standing behind the other two. He seems dwarfed by them in that pic. But that is really picky. I love everything about the rest.

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oh, these look great! that backdrop really brings out the colors.

my only comment is the same as Steph's, I think the little boy needs to be somewhere else in the photo. Or the girl moved more to his left so that there's less space in between.

I think the first photo is absolutely wonderful, and I bet they love it too. but I just noticed that the skintones of the woman look different between the first and second photo. she seems warmer in the first ...

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1) Like, but maybe too centered. LOVE the reds!
2) LOVE this one!
3) This one is great too. No complaints!

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These are great! I think I might want to see #3 in a vertical crop though to see how the boy looks in that crop. Your lighting setup is great for your studio pics!

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Beautiful! You do studio SO well!

How come dads always look so irritated in pictures??? I am totally noticing a trend. (not in your pictures, but in men in general)