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sharing a new fav

pulled this off my facebook to share so i dont have the settings. His left arm is chopped and motion blur in the right hand but they're both mine and I love them Smile

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I'm so glad you posted this! I had hoped you would after seeing it on your fb! Smile

I can see just why you love it. And your conversion is FABULOUS (as usual)!


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That's a wonderful photo! I didn't even notice the blured hand because I was so captured by the emotion in the photo. Love it!

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very nice capture. I can totally see why you love it. Smile conversion is nice too!

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Oh, there's no faults with this one! Wink Totally gorgeous!

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How sweet is this moment?! I think you just captured the essence of photography.

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That picture is priceless, thanks for sharing.

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Definitely makes me smile!

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awwwwwwwwww .... love this moment! the looks on their faces just says it all.

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LOVE it when you can catch those moments!! Imperfections and all, it's a keeper Biggrin