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Sharing One

I haven't shared in a while...mostly because I'm doing the 365 Blog I don't wanna be annoying.

But, thought I'd share one anyway. If you follow my blog...sorry for the repeat appearance.

IMG_6593 365 WEB

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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors, DOF and texture. Gorgeous. I'd totally frame that and hang it on my wall.

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I love it!! beautiful.

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Absolutely amazing! I so want to hang that on my wall! It's EXQUISITE!

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Very pretty... It makes me excited that spring is around the corner Smile

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Amber, that is GORGEOUS!!!

We're so far from anything resembling flowers here. Temps made it into the 60s today, which is very odd for Feb. There's snow in Tuesday's forecast. Very jealous of your blossoms.

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wa - ow - wa!!!!

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So lovely! It makes me even more anxious for spring to arrive!

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Wow! That is just beautiful! LOVE it!

And yes, makes me long for spring too!

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So pretty. I can't believe cherry blossoms are blossoming already! It's been raining nonstop here after a nice weather.

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Absolutely beautiful! I have some daffodils budding in my front yard. I can't wait for them to open up!

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WOW, that's about all I can say! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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Beautiful colors and I love your use of texture.

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Wow! Very very nice!

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"ironmate" wrote:

absolutely beautiful! Love the colors, dof and texture. Gorgeous. I'd totally frame that and hang it on my wall.

same here! Love~

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