Sharing a snap of my almost 10 mos. old

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Sharing a snap of my almost 10 mos. old

Oh how time flies. Surely it can't be already almost 10 mos? It is almost this month on the 17th he will turn 10 mos. Seems like I just had him and now we are introducing finger foods. In addition to this milestone, his two bottom tooth is out!

Here he is sneaking up on his brother's bed, trying to steal a Toy Story book. I posted this on FB so this might be a repeat for some of you.

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so sweet! Time sure flies.

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Saw this on FB but its still very funny and cute!

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Oh my he is a cutie! He looks so serious! Time does fly! My BABY is about to be 2!!!

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Weren't you just pregnant!? Wink He is such a cutie, and I can't believe he is already almost ten months!