sharing some B&Ws-cc please

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sharing some B&Ws-cc please

Difficult session with this little girl in that she kept wanting her cheerios and looked everywhere but my direction. Even when the parents stood behind me, her attention was elsewhere babies...gotta love 'em. Anyway, here's 2 of my favs. Please CC. I think my whites are close to if not totally blown in my processing...hmmm, working on that TIA Smile shot with my 28-75mm, reflector camera right, window camera left.

1.f3.5, ss 1/125 iso same

2. same as bove

3. and her 2 y.o. cousin

iso 800, ss 1/100, f4.0

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wow...nothing?? are there too many mistakes to mention?:confused:

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Well I think they're beautiful but I'm not expert enough to CC... Smile

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Don't be silly :)... I think over all these are super nice! #3 is my favorite! CC - I see some wrinkles in the paper in #1 and the baseboard looks a little tilted still? I'm not seeing much of a connection with anything in this photo either. Also, and I'm no pro on this, so I'm not totally sure.... The white look they might be blown in a few areas on the skin and clothes in all of them... and the same with the blacks.. (on the hair) Maybe you could do some masking on the skin, hair, and clothing after adding contrast?? It looks like lots of the detail is lost in her hair in the first one. HTH Smile

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don't worry...there are always lots of lurkers here but it has also been a bit slow lately Smile I think these shots are great! the conversions are nice but I think since they have black hair the contrast could be toned down just a bit. #2 is this a in camera crop? I'd like to see her more on the bottom right side of the frame. less space behind her and below her since she doesn't have much space in front of her feet. Smile

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They are both cuties! Not in love with the first, but the second is Adorable. Seems a bit bright on the shoulder, but it could just be my screen. The one of her cousin is adorable too. I think you did a great job.

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White is blown in the first two. The last is better, but nearly blown on her cheek. Did you overexpose or was it all in pp'ing?

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I love that first one! I feel like you have too much contrast in your conversions though ... I'd tone down the blacks just a hair (and I love contrast, I just feel like for babies, it can be too harsh).

I'm seeing the blown whites too.

looks like you have a pretty good start on these. Smile