Sharing some family photos -- CC more than welcome! Pic Heavy.

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Sharing some family photos -- CC more than welcome! Pic Heavy.

We went on our first family vacation with DS (and my new camera!), so of course I had to shoot away. This is really my first attempt at "candid" shots, and my first try at shooting kids that can actually walk (my nieces = rambunctious toddlers!)! I had a great time, and thought I'd share a few from our first vacation as a family of three!

These are SOOC (aside from the inverted one), being as I have now downloaded Gimp, but haven't figured out how to use it just yet. Smile

1. SS - 1/80; f/5; ISO - 100

2. SS - 1/500; f/5.6; ISO - 100

3. SS - 1/640; f/5.6; ISO - 100

4. SS - 1/800; f/5.6; ISO - 100

5. SS - 1/800; f/5.6; ISO - 100 - I inverted this one because I LOVE it of DH and DS, but it wasn't quite 100% in focus.

6. SS - 1/60; f/22; ISO - 100 - Fiddling with different f-stops vs. SS here. Smile

7. SS - 1/640; f/5.6; ISO - 100

8. SS - 1/800; f/5.6; ISO - 100

9. SS - 1/25; f/3.5; ISO - 100 - They shut all the blinds while she opened her birthday gifts! Ugh! Lighting was awful.

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YAY for you on the vacation and getting so many opportunities to practice with your camera!

1. This is a sweet snap. You got really nice light in his eyes (I love that we can see your reflection in his eyes). It seems just a little bit under exposed though. You might try bumping your iso to 200 next time and then you could raise your shutter speet while still properly exposing him.

2. I wish that the hat hadn't covered his shades, but this is still another sweet snap. I love the shark on his hat. Again, this looks a little over exposed. This is probably because you were in the shade compared to the very bright background. You should be able to drop your shutter speed a good bit here and keep him exposed correctly.

3. This one looks really good on the technical side. It's pretty well exposed (aside from the one bright spot on Dad's shoulder). But since we can't clearly see either of their faces, I don't feel really connected to this photo. It's a good start though.

4. Now this one I *love*! It is just too sweet to see the 2 of them together having so much fun here. Once you get comfortable with GIMP, I would crop this one to a portrait crop more tightly around the two of them. Exposure and focus look really good here as well.

5. This is a sweet moment between them. I can see why you like it so much. It does look like the focus fell on dad's feet. Watch your focal points next time and make this nice photo even better. Smile

6. I like the wide angle you took on this shot. It shows how tiny you can feel standing next to a large body of water like this. Your colors look pretty good too. Read the tutorial on the 'Rule of Thirds.' This shot could be even more breathtaking if you had put the horizon in either the top or bottom third of the image. You might still be able to crop it that way once you get familiar with GIMP.

7. despite the fact that we can't see their faces, I really like this one. I feel like we're investigating right along with them. NICE CATCH!

8. your niece is really cute and this is a sweet snap of her. it's hard shooting in full sun like this, that's why her eyes seem so dark. I like it htough.

9. GREAT PERSPECTIVE!!!!! I love that you got below her like this. And with the guy in the back looking on ... wow. NICE WORK! If they close up light on you next time, bump up your ISO to give you a little more freedom with your shutter speed and aperture values.

TFS, Jen!

I can't wait to see more!


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Great for practice!!! I've got to sneak my opportunites in as I get them...which isn't often Smile

1. Slightly underexposed. Brighten him up a bit and it would be nice. Also, back up a bit. He has his foot in his hands and it would be cute to see more of that.
2. The hat over his eyes is slightly distracting.
3. I know what you were going for here, but without faces it makes it kind of eh.
4. Cute! Missed the focus, but cute capture
5. I like this one too
6. Neat but not a lot going on here
7. Wish I could see more of the girl's faces.
8. A portrait crop of this would be nice so you could get rid of the busy background.
9. Cute! Such a different angle here.

I think if you learn GIMP you'll get a lot more options available to you as far as editing and sharpening. Can't wait to see your next share!

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Thank you so much for your input, ladies!! Smile I truly appreciate it! Anything to be able to take better pictures of my family! I know nothing in regards to "technical" stuff when it comes to taking pictures, but I've been reading "Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies" as my launching point. Maybe for Christmas DH will enroll me in a photography class. Smile

Thanks again! At this point, all I do is set my ISO, SS and f-stop and snap! I don't really look at the technical side (because I don't know anything about that!) while I'm attempting to just learn how to shoot with the manual mode.

Gigi, I will definitely read the rule of thirds! Smile I know a few weeks ago I tried to read a bunch of the tutorials, and a lot of the links were broken?

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You do have some adorable shots! I agree with the cc that has already been given. I too think we need to update our sticky. Keep practicing! Can't wait to see more!