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Sharing some more...

Just wanted to share some more pictures I've taken this past week. My son is so hard to photograph so most of my pictures are of his back or him just not looking at the camera lol This is one I happened to have gotten of him looking AT the camera. Too bad he wasn't smiling. Smile Just kind of looking at me wondering why I'm still taking pictures of him. By the way if you want the settings to any of these let me know!

and I have this one...he was playing with some rocks and I thought it might look neat with a texture added. What do you think? the one with no texture is below. I figure if I can't get him to look at the camera I'll just take pictures of him playing.

and this one i'm not so sure about. I love the idea of it and I just wish he had been looking at the cat instead. I think it would have been a stronger photo if he had been looking at her but I still like it. Smile

and one of my cat again...

and yet another one. This one I played around with a bit. I personally love it and I feel like some sort of words or something could go on the empty spot. Otherwise maybe the texture is too strong. I don't know.


no texture:

by the way...I'd love to get into pet photography eventually I think. I love taking pictures of my cats and my moms cats and dog. I haven't really practiced on anyone else's pets though. I might ask a friend if I can practice on her dog Blum 3 what do you think?

thanks for looking Smile


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Those came out great, and what a cute son you have! I personally like the texture on the picture of your son, but not so much with the cat. Maybe if it was a little less.

I think using a friends dog to practice on is a great idea! Not all animals sit so well for pictures, so it would be good to practice on a pet that isn't yours and may not listen to you as well. I know the few times I took my dog to get portraits done, she was scared and shook the whole time!

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I thought this might work Lol

I know its waaay too early for Halloween but I just couldn't help myself. Smile I just changed the texture color. Would make a nice Halloween card I think. Blum 3 Maybe...

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I love that first one!!

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I think adding texture to the one of your son playing is a good idea... but maybe a different colour?? I'm on my macbook with a tiny monitor right now... so take this with a grain of salt... but the green texture looks like mold on the side of the house to me. I prefer the texture on the one with your kitty Smile Anyways... these are really awesome.. Love the first one of your son, and the ones with the cat... Awesome eyes!

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thanks Smile i can see how it looks green. it is not suppose to be though lol will have to change it later on...that is if i saved the pdf file. :rolleyes: i sometimes forget to.

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I am so glad you are posting to help get this board rolling again!

1. great capture, even though he's not smiling!
2. I agree, the texture makes it look like mold on the siding. I like the no texture more. I like how you are making your everyday shots look so good!
3. not too fond of #3. I mean, I get what you are going for, but it's not working for me.
4. LOVE. Your cat is gorgeous!
5. I adore the texture used here. I totally works!

I think the Halloween one would make a PERFECT card!

I think taking pics of pets is an awesome idea! Maybe you could get in with a vet/pound somewhere nearby!

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Love that first one!

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I love them all, especially with the processing you used! I do like the picture of your DS with the texture, I think it makes the siding look a bit more worn and moldy (not sure if that's the look you were going for Smile ) And your cat is just beautiful, love the halloween edit!

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Loida, I'm totally digging the textures! And the Halloween version is great! I adore the first photo, doesn't bother me at all that he's not smiling. Great shots of your cat, I prefer the second one to the one of Mikael, but I understand why you like the first one. Smile

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thank everyone Smile i think i might have to go change the color of the texture in picture #2. thanks for the comments! Biggrin i sometimes don't see things that others might see. Nice to know!