Sharing some snaps, CC welcome!

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Sharing some snaps, CC welcome!

Here are some snaps of my kid who is constantly moving and never looking at my camera.
CC welcome.

All settings taken at 1/80, f3.5, ISO 800

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He's growing right before my eyes, it seems. He suddenly looks older to me.

I like #2 the best. If you would have moved a bit more to the left to get a little more of the right side of his face, I would have liked it more. Love his fuzzy hair.

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#2 looks really cute, wish we could see a bit more of him , great catchlights on the 3rd

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He's such a gorgeous boy!

1's my favourite. Love the look on his face and his eyes!

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he's so serious!!!!!! is that a recent haircut? he looks like a big boy! the last one looks a little cool to me, but my lighting might be off in here.

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He does have an adorable head of hair! I understand the whole moving part. Fun huh? #1 is my fav.