sharing a sooc snap from the park/farm *2 farm shots added 5/18*

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sharing a sooc snap from the park/farm *2 farm shots added 5/18*

It's been a long time since I've had photos of *people* SOOC that I've been excited about, LOL....and I just discovered this one from the park/farm where we spent the afternoon two weeks ago.
I know the face was soft so I had to sharpen her face a little, and resize of course for web, but otherwise no other adjustments.

Is this too sharp? Any other cc? I really love this but would love to hear what you think since I am still very much learning people-photography! (I did have a couple SOOCs of my friend's son that came out really great too that day, toward the end of the session of

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Very cute. I have learned there is a trick to glasses and glare. You can put the ear handles up so it tilts forward at the top of her rims. That will often help eliminate that glare. Other than that it looks pretty good for sooc!

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Very cute, Amy!!! It does look a little too sharp to me. Her jaw line looks a little jagged to me.

No other CC from me, it's a great exposure!

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GREAT shot Amy! No cc here! Well done on getting a great SOOC!

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lovely! great job!

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Wow, I wish my SOOC's looked even close to this!
It does look a tad too sharp but otherwise I love it!

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Looks pretty awesome to me - not overly sharp from what I can tell!

Eva looks so adorable here - like she's having the time of her life! Great capture!


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Awesome shot, great expression, perfect moment!!

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2 farm shots

Thank you so much everyone!!!

I also wanted to finally show you a really pretty spot I found at that farm/park where I had done that photoshoot.
This is a great potential place for portraits!! There are lots of flowering trees, shrubs, fences, pretty stone walls, barns, etc. It's an historical (and still functioning) farmstead and a park side by side. This is just one spot between pastures that I really loved.

These were only edited with a slight curves bump on both and with a very slight vignette on the 1st one.

I was always so envious of those of you who had a great tree-lined "avenue" to take shots at, and now I've found one too! Biggrin