Shoot this weekend - bombed it :( (pics included)

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Shoot this weekend - bombed it :( (pics included)

Wanted to send a little update again. HI EVERYONE Smile

I had a studio session of a friends 4 month old little boy on Sunday - I bombed it!

Rule 1 - go to bed earlier than 4 am for a 10 am shoot
Rule 2 - remember that 4 month olds tire out a lot faster than older kiddos
Rule 3 - multiple outfit changes can really throw a young one off...slow the mom's down with the entire wardrobe in tow

Here are the results... I only got 10 usable shots - not what I normally like to offer. They seem happy with them, but I haven't gotten a print "order" from anyone in eons - maybe I need to step away from PBing for a while.... ??

Settings - f6.3, 1/160, 200 - AB camera right with softbox as main, AB camera left with umbrella as fill

1. tyler_001web

2. tyler_007web

3. tyler_009web

4. tyler_010web

5. tyler_003web

6. tyler_004web

7. tyler_005web

8. tyler_002web

9. tyler_006web

10. tyler_008web

Sorry so heavy - just wanted to show what I ended with. Sad Parents seem happy, but one can never tell. Feel free to CC if you'd like.

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I think they are great!

Love # 1 and 9 the best!

I would love these if they were of my baby!


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Well ... I don't know about the rest, but these 10 are AWESOME!!! If these were my kid, I'd be making a HUGE print order!

4 month old kiddos are HARD too - not all sleepy and bendy like a newborn, but not yet sitting and interacting like a 6+ month old. You've got a nice variety in your poses and angles. I think these are all really nice and can't pick a favorite, though I do love the unbridled emotion in #3.



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Those are so fantastic! If I were the parents, and that's "all" you gave me, I'd be over the moon!!!

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You're too hard on yourself. These are AMAZING!!!!! If I got these of the girls, WOW, I would be THRILLED!!!!!

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Man, I wish I would "bomb" it that good! Wink These are great! My favorite is #9.

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They look adorable to me, I LOVE LOVE #6, and 9 & 10 are so cute too! Awesome catchlights in all of these. I like the processing of 5 & 6.

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These are wonderful. I think we are our own worst critics. They all look so crisp, your exposure and processing is great. I would be thrilled to have pics of my 6 month old like these! Wanna come to Wisconsin? Smile

(quick question...are your lights continuous or flash units? Your lighting looks great!)

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I agree with the others! I think you did a great job and are being wayyyy too hard on yourself!!

Your skintones look great- that's what I struggle with the most..
You got some great expressions from the little guy too!

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thanks all! these just dont seem up to what I normally do - and I hate that I only gave them 10 options.

Glad you guys liked them Smile

Jess - they are flash units - Alien Bee 800's. I have a third, but haven't tried to incorporate it into the mix yet. That's my next learning adventure.

Does he look overly- smooth? I had to run portraiture because of some pretty severe eczema on his face and feel like he looks too porcelain in some of these.

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All the shots are great, maybe its my non-calibrated monitor but the ones with the lighter background are they supposed to be white or off-white? I personally would have liked to see those backgrounds a bit more white. I absolute love the ones done with the blue background, my favourite would have to be #3 it really captures the pure joy babies express.

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"acarbo99" wrote:

Well ... I don't know about the rest, but these 10 are AWESOME!!! If these were my kid, I'd be making a HUGE print order!

Exactly what I was thinking. I saw these on facebook, sooooo cute! Smile 1&6 just melt my heart!

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I wouldn't call it a flop Smile I went ahead and did my CC one at a time, I hope that it helps Smile
1. Very white, baby doesn't seem to have any natural "pink" color
2. Cute. The lint on Mom's shirt bugs me and I wish we had eye contact or a connection between mom and baby
3. skin tones seems a smidge off, baby is tilting and falling out of the photo, can you clone the diaper?
4. Mom's foot chops caught my eye right away, also the shoes with sweat pants looks a little funny, but that is a styling issue, not photographer prob Wink
5 & 6. Color seems off on these too, but super adorable connection and comp
7. Cute of child, but makes mom look short and stout. Also wrinkles around mom's feet.
8. can you portrait crop and add to the left of the frame? it would cut out the belly/diaper issue and allow negative space to the side of the frame he is looking towards.
9. Cute! Skin tone seems a little off, but I like it
10. Mom will love it, but missing limbs tell me it is cropped to tight.