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View Poll Results: Do you insist on shooting during the golden hour for portraits?

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Thread: shooting conditions question

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    Question shooting conditions question

    I read an article that has me thinking ....

    we're talking portraits now ... whether you only take them of your own family, if you have decided to "go pro" or if you are anywhere in between ....

    when the shot counts - you're only going to get one chance to get it - do you insist on shooting in the golden hour?

    I'm not going to voice my opinion yet ... I'm curious what you guys have to say.


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    I really try to shoot at golden hour. If I absolutely can't, I really try to make sure I choose a location that I know will work well for harsh lighting. So far, I've only had one client/friend insist on an earlier time because of her 1 year old. I started out in a shaded location and waited the sun out so we could make it work elsewhere .
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    Other: I prefer the morning.

    Though, I take what I can get with my kiddos right now- Alaina has started to run from the camera these days. Most of my pictures are actually taken in the morning before 11. Those of Collin at 6 months were done at 1. But I have learned the lighting in my home and know where in the house to be at what time of day. For newborns I prefer mornings for sure. That's when they seem to be the sleepiest. Once the afternoon rolls around, they can become a bit cranky.

    Now if I'm outside--- I def. prefer golden hour. Even though one of the classes I took here in town was about how to shoot in all conditions, I don't like dealing with harsh lighting. I just don't have the patience of all things. Well, could be that the kids are the ones with no patience. lol
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    I always try to go for that time. If not, I scope out the area and find a better time that meets both of our requirements. It's difficult a lot of times, but we make it work.
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    I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine who lives in Texas recently. She knows I'm into photography and was wondering if it was normal for a photographer to be absolute insistent upon doing a shoot only at the golden hour. I said that most photographers prefer that, and from what I understand, some will NOT work outside that time. But she was very frustrated and upset by it. Her kids' schedule and their happiest times of day did not coincide with the golden hour, and it bothered her a great deal that the photographer would make such a fuss about it. She ultimately went with someone else because of it. I explained that a photographer wants to get the best light to give the client the best results, but I fully understood her frustration too.

    All that to say, in my very limited shoots with others, I've tried to go for either morning or evening golden hour; but I've done it at other times as preferred by the people I'm working with. I just don't think it's fair to a client to be insistent on it. I mean, in my friend's case, she knew they simply would not get happy, relaxed photos of her kids within the time parameters the photographer was suggesting, so no matter how great the light was, it wouldn't matter if the kids looked miserable in the photos. And I agree with her wholeheartedly. Only the client knows the ideal time for them, and while you can push for the golden hour and explain your reasons for that preference, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and a photographer needs to be willing to do what they can to work with the client's needs.

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