Shooting a newborn tomorrow-have some questions please

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Shooting a newborn tomorrow-have some questions please

an old coworker just had a boy and i asked if i could photograph him just because i've always wanted to play with a newborn. this is completely free and for my enjoyment/practice. so i have known this for months, but it's just now really hitting me since tomorrow is the big day, and i find myself unsure of a few things...

1. when taking pics of mom and baby...i'm thinking side profile with mom looking down at baby in her arms held out in front of her....which side do i want my lighting to face (ie-natural window light and speedlight bounced if needed)? do i want the light to fall on baby's face coming from behind mom or vice versa?

2. if i don't have a beanbag to work with for posing, what's my next best option? mom has a boppy pillow, but will baby fall down in the opening?

3. this seems really duh to me, but like i said i am suddenly finding myself nervous....if baby is sleeping (hopefully) is it still best to aim for between the eyes for focus?

if you have any other tips or suggestions to pass along i am all ears. TIA!!

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do you know anyone with a beanbag? I can't imagine not using a beanbag, but I've only shot one newborn (other than my own 16 months ago :lol:)

if you have a heating pad, bring that - it's good for warming where baby will go before you put him there (take it away before you put him down.)

as far as focus, just try to keep the face in focus. I think I still aimed for the eyes when I did mine.

I don't know how to answer the light question. it's one of those things I just know when I see.

There's a really neat thread on ILP (in the JSO Photo Discussion) that you should check out. It's called "My Best Newborn Session To Date...! " I read it today, and it totally inspired me for next time. (I should bookmark it, actually).

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I have no advice, but this is why I love this board....I had NO idea that beanbags were used to pose infants!

You'll do great! Can't wait to see them Smile

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If you are doing naked baby pics and want to protect whatever you are putting them on, try getting a puppy pee pad. It absorbs and protects your bean bag or whatever you pose them on! Good luck, can't wait to see the pics!

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thanks for the tips! i'll be heading out in an hour, i'm so excited!

gwen-thanks for the thread on ilp. i am going to try some with mom and baby laying across the bed Smile

i'm sure i will be back to share and ask for cc.

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Can't wait to see! GL!