Shooting in RAW

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Shooting in RAW

Ok. So since I have no idea how to PP anything anyway, I figured why not go ahead and switch to shooting RAW before I start learning, right? I found a tutorial on ilovephotography that seems pretty easy to follow, so I guess I'll start there.

Anyone have any advice for a complete newbie switching to RAW? Any tricks, tips you wish you would have been told when you switched?

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you'll love it! If you are really nervous about it, there should be a function where you can shoot a raw + jpeg at the same time until you get used to what you're doing.

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I agree with loving it. It makes editing sooooooo much easier. I LOVE ACR! I just recently made the total switch to RAW, instead of RAW+JPEG b/c of more room on my card. I don't know what to do with just the jpegs anyways!

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Grrrr....I took some shots tonight and tried to open the raw files. At first I had it, but for some reason it opened every single photo I took. I'd already downloaded the files to iphoto and then deleted all the ones I didn't want. (is that wrong?)

So when I opened them in the bridge thing, it came up with all photos, so I deleted them all out of there and tried to open just the ones I want to open and it's not working. I have no idea what I've done wrong. I'm shutting down everything and walking away for a bit and then coming back to try.

UGH....I am not good with computer programs. I seriously can't even open simple files.

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Don't mean to hijack the thread but why is it better to shoot in RAW? I was reading some stuff on it online and most people said it is not worth shooting in RAW, but on this forum everyone loves RAW. I switched to RAW a few weeks ago but did not see a difference between Jpegs and Raw, the only thing was that I had more options for WB in LR.