Shooting in RAW

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Shooting in RAW

WOW! I LOVE RAW! It is so cool to be able to tweak images after the fact without affecting their quality by too much levels/curves play. I mean, yeah, I really want to nail exposure, but what a treat. Just tried it for the first time this morning and I'm sold!! The Canon 60D has the ability to edit RAW right in-camera, which I guess some cameras do not, so that was a great bonus to discover, too.

Here's my first two RAW shots, one of my daughter applying lipstick, and then she actually took one of me that I actually like (I usually hate, hate, hate pictures of myself):
Lipstick Application 101

My daughter's first DSLR photo

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WOW! great edits!!! I didnt know you could edit right in camera and I have the same one LOL! I might just have to try it! You look great in that pic!

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Very nice!

I was so resistant to RAW, but I'm glad I finally gave it a chance. There really is a lot more control with the file. If you ever save up enough, I highly suggest LR 4. I'm so incredibly happy with it. And awesome bonus about editing RAW in camera! You're really making me want an upgrade even more now Wink

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Ya, once I switched to RAW, there was no going back...unless like at camp where I had youth shooting pics all day in auto, then I didn't bother! Smile

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Making the switch! Tomorrow I go into the studio for 6 hours of side by side photoshop training!!! The one thing my "boss" said is that I need to start shooting in raw so tomorrow I will hear all about it and give it a try! Hope I feel like you girls and wish I would have started sooner!

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We have the same camera Tracey and yep, I love it too Smile

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Once I switched to RAW I never looked back. The ease in editing is worth it alone...though I am a frequent over shooter and RAW files on the 5Dmii are outragous. I've just learned to cull right after I upload.

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Those are both great shots, and you can really see the difference RAW makes, your daughter took a wonderful picture of you.