Shutterfly House Party (CC)

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Shutterfly House Party (CC)

I got selected to host a Shutterfly House Party. Have you heard of House Party before? Basically, you enter to be selected to host a party where the sponsor sends free stuff your way to distribute to party guests. This is my second party. The first was Norton Anti-Virus where I got a free one year subscription to Norton Anti-Virus.

Anyway, I invited some friends over for the party. The free stuff was 15 free holiday cards and a free wall calendar to each of the party guests. So, in honor of the free cards, I decided to do mini photo shoots!

My backyard is pretty bare now with all the wind we've been getting around here lately, so this was a bit challenging at 10am! So I got a white sheet, and had one of the mom's hold it up to shade the kids. I wanted to use some fake trees as props as well, but the sheet wouldn't cover everything up, so I was stuck with just the chairs Wink

I'd love to know how you think I did. Keep in mind that I don't want them too warm, because I wanted more of a winter feel instead of a fall feel. I don't want them too cool though. I can add settings if anyone needs/wants to see them. I know there is a lot. Don't feel like you have to comment on every single one. Just what sticks out to you.






I got absolutely NO eye contact on any of these from this kid. I think I made him feel a little vulnerable. Does it work like this though?

How does baby's face look here? He has super bad acne, and I tried to clean it up a bit. It was my first time fixing something like that.

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I wish I was more advanced and could give you some CC but I'm not, so I won't.
I love #3 and 5. Just great! I will say, I notice a streak by the baby's lower right eye that sticks out at me when I look at the pic full size.

Great job Smile

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Aww, don't feel like you can't give CC because you're just starting out. Even just saying what you like or don't like is helpful. Everyone has an opinion, and every opinion is valid. Smile

Thanks for pointing out the streak. I'll go back and fix that Smile (See, you CAN cc Smile )

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What a neat idea! LOVE it!
1&3- I like these better than 2. I don't like the balloon.
I LOVE #5. I like it much better than 4 & 6. On #6- the eye contact doesn't bother me. I think it's cute b/c that's probably his personality!
7- I think you did a good job with his face. He just looks a bit uncomfortable...

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Never heard of a shutterfly party.
These are great! My favorite is 2 & 5.

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I got invited to one last week by another photography friend but I didn't know what it was....she'd said if I wasn't already hosting one I could be her "internet guest" but I never heard anything more about it.

I like the clarity of these.....I'm not a fan of the balloon the first and third pics he looks like he is trying to leave the chair. My eye keeps going to the dark tree trunk on the right side of the pic also...

I really like #4 except for the foot chop.

My fave is #5. Really nice.

Your cleanup of #7 looks good because I can't even tell he had acne....he's adorable, just looks extremely unhappy/uncomfortable lol.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Guess the balloon was a bust! I gave them each a balloon to get them to sit still, thinking that it would work, but guess not lol!