Signed up for a class!

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Signed up for a class!

I just signed up for a Natural Landscape class at the local communit college, it's a non-credit course. I am really looking forward to it. It's every Wednesday in June for 2.5 hours. Unforntuatly I can't make the first class because we will be on vacation, but the instructor said I should be ok and he'llgive me the material I need. So you will all be seeing some landscape pics from me soon! I am SOOOO excited. There is another class in July for "Beginner DSLR", but I'm afraid it might be TOO beginner, so I have to talk to the instructor. The info on it says stuff about downloading and whatnot. I know how to do that. I need to learn the effects of aperatur, SS, and ISO combo.

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How fun! I'm guessing you'll be discussing some of your exposure questions in your landscape class, because it's important to get good exposure no matter what you're shooting! Hope you learn a TON, and can't wait to see some of your images!

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How cool! I hope you learn a ton!

I decided to skip the beginners class as well. The instructer sent the agenda for the course and it looked like it followed 'Understanding Exposure' chapter by chapter Smile

Can't wait to see some new pics!

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Can't wait to hear more about it! KUP okay?