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I have attempted some silhouettes and failed miserably. What are some tips to getting them right..both for in camera and in PP? Thanks!!

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for me, it's finding the right aperture. you want it closed up pretty good but not so much that you block all light. I think my silouette shots have probably been around f/13, maybe a little smaller. I tried f/22 once and that was way too closed. I know the number also depends on the lens used, my f/13 number was the 30mm lens. I don't know what would work best on my 28-75mm ... but I'll find out tomorrow at the ILP GTG (as we're working on silouettes). SS needs to be on the higher side, as you want the silouette to be sharp.

interested in seeing other replies here, I know that it's trial and error for me at first, until I get the right aperture. but at the same time, it can be hard to really get a true feel looking into the LCD ...