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It was suggested (thanks Gwen!) that we have a central place to post our blogs, galleries, photography sites, facebook pages, etc.

SO .... share away folks ... let us know where you are sharing your pictures! If nothing else, you'll give me a GREAT way to spend my 'coffee breaks' while at work. Wink

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I'll start us off!

Here's my Flickr - my nature shots are public, the rest you need to be my flickr friend to see. But if I know you from here, I'll gladly make you my friend. Wink

My blog -

My Facebook (for business) -

And my business site -

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My flickr ~

My site ~ Kristen Privett Photography

My FB ~ My Facebook

Love all 'likes' Smile and usually recognize everyone from here and it gives me a smile

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My Blog -

I plan on starting an actual fan page, but for facebook group(would love more members) -!/group.php?gid=200983927189

and my site is coming soon!

Thanks for this GiGi & Gwen:-)

ETA: my site is now up: D.P. Photography

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All I have is a Flickr page. I think I have everything set to private, but, like Gwen, if I know you're from here, I'd love to add you. My name there is The Davis Family 4.

There's not much there now - pics for my photography class and old ones from '06 and '07 taken with my P&S. But, I plan on starting a 365 on October 1, and will be putting my pics on my flickr page for that.

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Making websites has been a hobby of mine for years so I have a ton, but I'll only post the ones I am currently updating:

My Wix site:

My Flickr site (private except to "friends & family", but I can add you if you're from here!):

(note about Flickr: it's tough to keep up with adding everything to sets, so my Photostream has lots of photos that aren't in sets yet)

and my Facebook page:

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You can access my website at:

From there, you can access my blog, but just to warn you...I am TERRIBLE at updating it!

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My blog:
On facebook under photosbyejrussell

These are from a long time ago...
(Yes, it is embarrassing, but might be good for our point and shooters to see so they don't feel so alone...)
My Point and Shoot Wix site:

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My Flickr:
My Blog:
Hopefully set up a facebook page soon as I would like to PB.

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FLICKR (friends and family only):

365 Photo Album/Blog (friends and family only or pm me for invite to set):

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Website: Jennifer Paris Photography

Facebook Page: Jennifer Paris Photography Facebook

And Flickr (Most set to private but my class and nature is public): My Flickr

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Facebook -!/pages/Astrid-Miller-Photography/159349924077814?ref=ts

my website will be - ETA: I'm taking this link down, because theres some half finished terrible looking stuff on there... lol, oops Hopefully my site will be done soon, and I'll be back to share Smile

Flickr -
I also ususally set things to private, so not as fun as it used to be.


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GREAT idea! More blogs for me to follow! Lol

Here's my blog- just re-discovered it!

Flickr- all private, but you can add me!

Photography BlogSite-

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You guys are soo innovative...

I only have a flickr site and I think I added everyone on here. Mine is set to private - so even if I post a link here you wouldn't be able to find me - only by request.

I have a blog - but not about photography. I should make one - I think I will once I get the iWeb working on my mac.

So stay tuned.

I don't have a business website - since really am not in business. Hopefully soon Smile

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I've started a Fan Page on Facebook...would love some "Likes"!!


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If anyone is interested...

My flickr ID is moosieknits, mostly private but I can add you
My blog is, a mix of things I like to do but rarely updated since having babies

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My Website -
My Facebook - Fan Page
Link to my blog can be found on the splash screen to my webpage and from within my webpage.
and, my Flickr which I don't use as much anymore outside of for sharing on forums.

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Ok... I am going to be busy looking through all your blogs! YEA.

Here is my information:

My site:
My blog:
My facebook page:!/pages/CJ-Wilkes-Photography/166463054992


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My new site is live!

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My Website -
My Facebook - Fan Page
Link to my blog can be found on the splash screen to my webpage and from within my webpage.
and, my Flickr which I don't use as much anymore outside of for sharing on forums.

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My newest photography site, since my Wix one is filled, is

I LOVE Smugmug btw!! And you can still also find me at Flickr and Facebook!