Skin color

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Skin color

Whenever I take pics my kids skin is coming out whiter than they are? They are all pretty tan but in the pics they are not? Is it something I am doing wrong? Any way to fix it?
ex. In the pic of Damien he is really about 2 shades darker in real life. Not like my kid is paint but you know what I mean right?

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I have no clue Tia. I have issues with skin tones. I know I need a lot of help editing them. Sorry. Sad

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Ugh, I wish I knew!!!!

I guess it's just practice and getting those settings right in camera. A lot of time, patience, and practice Biggrin

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It all starts with your WB. What do you use to set your color temperature in ACR? That's assuming you're shooting RAW. But I think it really has to do with your WB.