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Skin Software I Use

Gehana's baby acne issue made me think I should share a great piece of software I use when retouching headshots and baby skin. I imagine I'd use it if I shot seniors or brides as well.

It's called Portrait Professional. I know lots of you have probably heard of Portraiture, but I find that portraiture creates really plastic looking results. Portrait Professional creates very natural looking skin when used the right way. You can create plastic too....if that's what you're going for. I use it for every single headshot client.

You can also do some interesting facial modification, though I never use that function. It's pretty funny sometimes to see what the program thinks a person should look like.

I've got the most advanced version that works as a plug in with Lightroom....but I think the stand alone JPEG only version is about $40.

Commercial over.

Link: ignore the terrible examples on their website. I don't know why they think that's what people want to do. It's so good a natural result. These over done edits are terrible.

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I'd love to see some examples from you Smile

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Thanks for the tip, Amber! They do use some pretty drastic examples on their site, but I've seen your work, and it all looks very natural. This may be on my list of things to purchase now.

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There is all kinds of liquifying (sp??, not a real word??:p) done on those examples too. Scary! Your stuff does look really natural though, so I believe you Wink I can't justify getting another skin smoothing plug in right now, maybe once I'm in business I can give it a try Biggrin

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Those are some pretty scary examples, in most cases they don't even look like the same people. I agree with the others Amber, I love your work, it looks so natural. Maybe if I start getting clients on a regular basis, I will consider it, lol!

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Interesting....I actually have an old beta version of portraiture that I use sometimes (not all the time, usually just adults and newborns). But, I rarely bring the opacity on that layer above 20-30% so it doesn't look unnatural (even lower on newborns). Portraiture at 100% is SCARY lol.

I used it here:

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I tried portraiture and could never get it to work right. What's nice about portrait professional is that you identify all the facial features and it enhances those features as well. Sharpens eyes, adds or takes away color and sharpening from lips etc... You can also make the person's neck as long as a giraffe's if you want! LOL!

That "liquifying" you see on the website is actually done with the program. I always turn that setting off.

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Great tip...I may have to look into this software. Those examples they show are AWESOME. Smile I always want my dudes to look super plasticky LOL