Slow Day at the Office + a 60mm Macro Lens =

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Slow Day at the Office + a 60mm Macro Lens =

Fun with Post-Its!

My computer is being repaired, everyone else was in a meeting, and I left my iPhone at home, so I was disconnected from the world today. I spent the afternoon playing with my macro lens and having fun! I just wish it were warm enough for the bugs and other critters to come out so I could practice some nature shots.

I have a habit of taking my earrings off during the day and putting them in my desk drawer. I decided to take some shots of these rhinestones to test various f-stop settings.

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i opened this and said, gorgeous flower...oh its?! Smile that's so cool.
I neeeeeed a macro lens Smile

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Wow! what a cool thing to do with post its! I would have never guessed thats what they were. I like the comp in your earing shot too. very pretty and dainty!

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Very pretty! I like the background color in your earring photo too.

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Ha, I thought it was a flower at first too.