Slow shutter speed photos: Input please!

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Slow shutter speed photos: Input please!

Is it OK to still share photos and ask for comments aside from the CC groups?

I took these for an "out of focus" challenge of sorts, and as they're a bit different from the usual fare, I'm having a hard time deciding if any of them work, and if so, which one(s). I like them all for different reasons. Let me know what you think!

My favourite is this one, but is it ruined by the fact that the horse's tail is cut off? I love the sense of motion here, though!

I like this one for the panning effect: that the rider is mostly clear, but the horse's legs and the surroundings are a blur:

And I like this one because the horse is entirely shown and the action of the "spear" is more visible:

(If you're wondering, these photos were taken during the RCMP Musical Ride, with RCMP officers dressed in full formal regalia riding in formation. These particular ones were not part of the normal formation riding, but a "skills test" where the rider had to stab a paper on the ground with his javelin and pick it up as he rode by very quickly.)

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Tracey, I prefer the second one. The reason being you can tell it was intentional motion blur giving the sensation of movement whilst keeping the rider in focus. The othes give the sense of movement but are no different really from what you would get unintentionally moving camera. Does that make sense, it sounds a little short but I don't mean it that way.

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Tracy, I also prefer #2 - it still captures the movement and action going on, but we have a little more context since we are able to see his face.

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I prefer #2 as well. I think I would have tried panning for these shots. It's something I've been trying to work on and it's HARD! For me, at least Smile I have 1 good one I took months ago.

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I love panning, but I was just going for the colourful sense of motion here. I've seen stuff like this done really well, but it's hard to accomplish! Good to know about #2, thanks!

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I like them all, but #2 is great! And I have been wanting to say that I love your new profile pic!!! Beautiful! Smile

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"Amy_&_Eva" wrote:

And I have been wanting to say that I love your new profile pic!!! Beautiful! Smile

Aw, thanks! I don't really like pictures of myself, but I kind of liked that one. My husband took it on the beach on my 42nd birthday. I sometimes feel so old Wink it's nice to have a pic that looks a *little* younger. Smile

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I'm with everyone else I do preffer #2 because of how clear you got the rider.

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Yes! Please still post outside of the groups too!

I like #2 as well Smile