Small Share and a few questions

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Small Share and a few questions

So DH and I took A&A to the playground today and I was able to get some decent pictures. Most of them are of Alaina, because Aiden just wouldn't stay still. Smile

First question---- how does my "logo" look? I just made it. Not that I will be putting it on a lot of photos, but I wanted to have one just in case.

The second question is really two in one--- which orientation of this one looks best, and how is the conversion?


I wish I had been able to get her to look at me while she was sitting here. But I like this shot, and I'm not sure why....

And here's one of Aiden.

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Logo looks good to me!

For the first one, I'm not fond of either orientation, but if I had to choose I would go with the second, but in color. When I think about converting an image to black and white, I try to look at the amount of contrast that it would have. It will look pretty flat if there's not a lot of directional lighting going on. I feel like this one is a little too flatly lit in order to be in b&w. But I'm sure it's a matter of taste.

I think you like #3 because of the flare. You've got some neat looking flare in it Smile Not to mention the focus looks pretty darn good Smile

I think you're doing a great job on your exposure Smile Keep it up!
Love the expression in #4! He is such a cutie!

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They're so cute, Danielle!

On #1 vs. #2, I like the orientation of #1 better. But the conversion in #2 is really nice!

#3 would be so great if she'd been looking! It almost has a halo effect with the sun. (And I'm sure she IS an angel with that halo, right? :D)

Love the eye colour and clarity in #4!

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I personally like orientation #2 better, but in color. Your b&w is good though!
#3- I like the flare here, and I think it's a shot any mother would love! It's her hair at that point and time! CUTE!
4- great shot.

You are improving so much! Your edits are clean and your exposure looks great!