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Snap share

Today was a fun day - I took a bunch of snaps of my kids just because. Sometimes I think I get too caught up with having everything so perfect that I forget about the real moments. Thought, I'd share some of my snaps from today. Don't forget as photographers how important it is to capture such moments. This is one of the reason why I love photography.

Share your snaps here of your kids, family!

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I love it El! You have such a beautiful family. I will certainly come back and share some snaps as I agree it is really important to take them (although sometimes hard to remember that everything doesn't have to be perfect)

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These are GREAT snaps! I love snaps. My house is never clean enough to get good ones though! I try to snap as often as possible b/c I don't always want portraits. I want lifestyle.

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These are just a few I have taken recently. One I even used the popup flash b/c I was too lazy to get out my speedlight.

Showing off her missing tooth.

He was NOT gonna eat the beans that night!

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I love snaps!! This is a great idea for a thread Smile

First preschool field trip to the fire station. He was a little scared to go down the pole, but was so happy he did it after he was done.

Making a gourd birdhouse with daddy

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire. He was so excited to do it Smile

Overshare?? Sorry if it was Wink lol

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I HAVE to share another one. It's b/c Randy LOVES his silky. He came home this day after school and said, (in his own language!) "HI SILKY HI!!!"

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Steph, I LOVE that last one! Everyone's pics are very sweet! Here are a couple I have from the weekend; Eva & I had a blast this weekend just doing things at home etc.

(these are both iPhone pics)
silly girl!

I made a campfire Saturday evening to burn up some cardboard, and it was such a nice fire we ate our dinner out there and sat out by the fire till after dark.

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I have such a hard time with snaps because I get so out of shape if they look bad. I'm trying to get better!

But this is one of my favs Biggrin


And one with Ry watching TV in her halloween costume.

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I love all these!!

I have a couple I took on Zack's birthday. One as he was thinking about blowing out the candle and one I took at the exact time his was born (7.11pm). I see the grain in the 1st and don't care and I see the footchop, but don't care about that either, lol!

Quiet contemplation by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

Untitled by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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aw, all your kids make me smile! Smile
snap of Noah...i was testing something with my flash and he wanted his pic done to:

painting on a rainy day:

my baby girl, 3months

and the two of them between sessions i had:

sorry if they're too big