snaps: my boy and his grandmothers, update post 13

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snaps: my boy and his grandmothers, update post 13

Had a really nice visit w/ my mom and grandma this weekend and got to snap a few pictures while there. These are mostly just snaps as my family is not the most cooperative when I take out my camera. C&C always appreciated, but even I can see a lot of the problems here.

I am just pleased to have these moments of Loli w/ his grandmother and great grandmother. You can tell he really loves the time he spends w/ his "Nanny" and "Great Memaw." And that makes my heart go (((SQUEEZE))).

all taken w/ my 50mm at 100 ISO ...

1. f/2.0 ss=1/640

2. f/2.0 ss=1/1600

3. exposure on this one was really bad originally, so i played around a bit and came up w/ this ...

4. f/2.0 ss=1/640

5. here's a play on #4 ... I kinda like it ...

6. f/2.0 ss=1/640 [only processing is the conversion here]

7. f/2.0 ss=1/250

I'm working on some collages and will be back once I have something to share. Smile


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I LOVE that last one, it's gorgeous!

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GiGi, I really loved seeing these. I can totally tell how much he loves them, and even more, how much they love them. I can't wait to see the collage!

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cute!!! very sweet indeed Smile

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What great captures! I love the last one.

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I love those photos...they actually made me cry bc they reminded me of my grandmother who passed away in december. Your son is so lucky to be able to have them in his life and you can tell he really loves them.

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I also LOVE the last one! You can see the love in all of them!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the last two!

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These are precious... that last one got me. How lucky he is. I had wonderful grandparents and I miss them dearly.

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How sweet! My favs are the last two as well! You will be so happy you captured those moments and he will too!! TFS!

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GiGi, those are beautiful shots! I can't pick a favourite. Oh wait, i can...LOVE ALL OF THEM Smile

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GiGi, they are so sweet. You know, it made me realize how few pics I have of the kids with my mom and she even lives with us! She's the only grandma left too. Thanks for inspiring me girl. I loved them, but the last two are too cute.

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It's taken me a lot longer to get to my collages than I imagined, but my first draft of one is at a point where I can share now. Any/all opinions MUCH appreciated!


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I think its perfect! I love it!

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Brought tears to my eyes when I first looked at it! I think it's very nice! Smile