Snapshot a Day (01/31) - AND FRIDAY FLASHBACK!

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Snapshot a Day (01/31) - AND FRIDAY FLASHBACK!

Happy Friday everyone! We've made it through another week and have emerged on a Flashback Friday! WHOOP!

I hope you all have a great weekend, surrounded by those you love in the best possible conditions!

But before you take off to soak it all up, I hope you'll take a minute to post a snap from today and any others from the week that you would like to share.


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Soooo glad it's Friday! What's everyone up to this weekend? We're just doing Micah's soccer tomorrow and church Sunday. Pretty quiet, thankfully.

I will try to get today's snap if my friend and I go out to take some landscape shots this morning. Just waiting for her call.

In the meantime, here's some FBF pics.

Coupla snaps from the kids' party:
Cake Time

Kids' Birthdays

Anthony and my dad going to a hockey game. We can't afford tickets, but my dad has been a lifelong Edmonton Oilers fan and never gone to a game, so we splurged and got tickets for Edmonton/Vancouver for my dad's 70th birthday/retirement and Anthony's birthday. They had a great time.
Off to the Game!

And a rainy morning pic, walking home from dropping Nora off.
Rainy Morning

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Not much going on here this weekend, either, Tracy. We're going to judo tomorrow and may have some friends come by on Saturday to play with Logan. But that's about it. Lots of house cleaning to do but nothing exciting. Wink

I love the party pics! Looks like the kids had a wonderful time. My fave from this set it the one of Micah walking in the rain... just beautifully done!

I don't have my snap for today yet, but here are a few from this last week from me...

first ... from the quick cross fit photos we took on Saturday:

Logan and the dogs:

It's a tie between Logan and Tori on who hates seeing my camera more Wink

and a couple from judo:

(can you see Logan's smile - even though he's being wrapped up like a pretzel?)

It's been a while since I have taken any judo pics (Logan's belt test in mid-December was the last time). But I wanted to test out my new camera there last night and it did GREAT! These were taken at NIGHT with NO FLASH!

Also, I just have to share ... the young man in blue with which Logan is wrestling ... his name is AJ and he was in 8th grade when Logan started judo at age 6 ... now he's a college student and he and Logan are the same rank. I loved watching them together last night. AJ has always set such a wonderful example for Logan. And now, when Logan goes to help out with the kids class (he got moved to the adult class when he turned 12 last fall), I see him do the same things for those kids that AJ did for him. I truly

Thanks for letting me share!


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Great cross-fit photos, GiGi! I like the one of Carlos, and the B&W conversion works great. I saw those socks on FB and just loved them! You rock!

The judo pics are great. Wow, good for Logan being at the same rank as a college student. And how neat that AJ is such a good example to Logan, too. Wonderful to have role models for kids to look up to, isn't it?!

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Tracy- Nora and Micah look the same size! I love that last one!

GiGi- Love the dog ones, and it sounds like Logan is really good at judo. Good for him! I love the contrast in your conversion!

I have to work tonight and sat and sun, so no real weekend for me. I'm not sure what DH has planned for the boys, I would assume ice fishing.

Sully yelling at Ryken for who knows what! Smile

I had opened the curtains at the top of the stairs and he was amazed with the light coming though.

DH and the boys in their matching hats I knitted them.

Yesterday was supposed to be day 1 of no naps... Smile At least I got to enjoy peace and quiet for my 30 minute drive into town. And yes, my 5 year old still naps...hoping to get into a routine without them before our trip in a couple weeks. It's going to be rough on Sully, but hopefully he'll just learn to sleep longer in the mornings.

I just finished knitting this dino hooded cowl last night. Ryken just loves it! He wore it into his preschool class this morning and refused to take it off Blum 3

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Katie, yeah, Nora and Micah are essentially the same height, though he is 23 months younger!

LOVE that cowl and the pics with it really bring out his blue eyes. Great pic of DH and the boys too!

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Posting to add my snap for the day, since my friend isn't coming, it seems:

And I forgot this, but today is my dad's official retirement day, so I have to share it! Soooo happy for him, he's 70 and it has been a very long time coming!
Happy Retirement Day!

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Katie ... that first shot really makes me smile! Your boys seem to have a pretty good relationship (though they ARE siblings so I would imagine every day is not picture perfect - yes, pun intended). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hats you made for them! They look GREAT together and that cowl is TO DIE FOR!!!! Sorry you have to work this weekend, but I hope that means you get some good time off next week.

Tracy ... love Micah's reflection and the one of your dad and the kids ... just TOO perfect! He needs a print of that!


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Posting Friday's snap, Mal joined us at the breakfast table.

Mal want's pancakes too.
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