Snapshot a Day (03/21) - AND FRIDAY FLASHBACK!

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Snapshot a Day (03/21) - AND FRIDAY FLASHBACK!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying this first Friday of the new season (spring for us in the Northern hemisphere, fall for those in the Southern)!

I didn't get out quite as often as I had hoped this week, but I have plans for this weekend (including another soccer game finally!) so I hope next week will be full of shares. Biggrin

In the meantime, I invite you all to share your snap for the day and any others from the week (or beyond) you'd like to share w/ us now.


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Here are a few looks from me:

it got warm enough to justify a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade:

I spent a sunny afternoon in the back yard with the dogs:

and I took a detour on my lunch hour to spend a little time in the bluebonnets:

Take care!


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GiGi- That lemonade looks so delicious! Mmmmmm! I just love your dogs, they always make me smile! I am so jealous of your warm weather and FLOWERS!! We still have quite a bit of snow :/

Here's a few from me from the last week

Spunky Ryken

Lunch in mismatched jammies Smile It was a cold day, so it was also stay in your jammies day!

This is the image I used for the p52 challenge I participate in. The theme is blue this week.

Sully popping a bubble

Ryken blowing bubbles

DH made me this table out of pallets and then I painted and stained it.

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GiGi, love the blue bonnets! So pretty, you captured them and their vibrant colour beautifully. And the lemonade looks yum!

Katie, great shots, I love the lunch one in particular. A lot of character and fun in that image. Neat table, very cool!

Got a snap at the river today:
Fraser River Morning

And one more:
Winter Sand Play

My brother with the kids:
Uncle Mark the Monster

Me being silly at the playground: