Snapshot a Day (04/11) & flash back Friday!

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Snapshot a Day (04/11) & flash back Friday!

I don't know about you guys, but for me, just making it to Friday this week is an accomplishment. Wink

But it's time to put all that aside and focus on the fact that IT'S FRIDAY!!! WHOOP!

When you get the chance, share a snap for today, this week, or any other time you would like!

But most of all, I hope that you will all have a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend!


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I really didn't get my camera out often this week, but at least Logan had soccer last Saturday:

I managed to snap this one of Carlos while he was ... otherwise occupied...

Logan sat still for me for 30 seconds yesterday, so I could set my exposure before setting up on my tripod:

and he's another of Carlos and I (which was the point of setting up the tripod)

I like the one I shared yesterday better, but Carlos prefers this one.

I actually already have a couple of shots on my camera for today, but this afternoon is when Logan agreed to do my "idea" photos after school. I sure hope it works out. If so, I'll bbl to share the results. Biggrin


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Your family is an inspiration with all of your work-outs and sports, GiGi!! And that picture of you and Carlos is wonderful!

My snap for the day...

Also took this one today. Camera club's next challenge is broken down old vehicles. I can't find much, but did encounter this. I still want something different, but it is quite the broken down old vehicle, that's for sure. (Though does a 5th wheel count as a 'vehicle'?? Not sure!!)
Better Days

And other shots from this week:

Me enjoying my new Skecher Go Walk 2 shoes... Between inflammatory arthritis and degenerative disc disease (most likely, still waiting on an MRI to confirm that one), these shoes are wonderful!!
Skecher Go Walks 2

My new I-love-these-shots-like-crazy cherry blossoms:
Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

And Micah's trike pics from the other day, including this one showing the snail he was determined to bring home on the back.
Snail Ride

I love this one.
Pedal to the Metal


Nora on her bike:
Biker Girl

More cherry blossoms:
Cherry Blossoms

And my hyacinth pic:
Petite Beauties

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Tracy - I don't even know where to start - so many wonderful shots here! The 5th wheel certainly counts in my book and boy is that ever run-down looking. I am SO JEALOUS of all the cherry blossom shots. They are truly lovely! That's it. I'm going to have to get out today for more bluebonnet shots. Smile I *love* the bench in the sunlight. Truly lovely abstract shot. And the kids look like they are enjoying the spring weather on their bikes. Biggrin

TFS! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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Such wonderful shots, Tracy! The trike pics are so great, and I LOVE the cherry blossoms!

As usual, wonderful soccer shots, GiGi! And I love see ing you out from behind the camera Smile

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GiGi, Logan is getting so tall! I really like the one of him tying his shoe.

Tracy, I'm loving the picture of the bird, and the flowers, and... well, all of them. Wink

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GiGi- The photo of Logan by the fireplace- HOLY COW! He looks like a man! I always adore your soccer shots! I wish I could take my camera on the field and snap pics of Randy!
Tracy- as always, I LOVE your work. Those cherry blossoms are amazing! Love the kids on the bikes!