Snapshot a Day (06/21 - 06/23)

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Snapshot a Day (06/21 - 06/23)

Here's a thread for our Sat, Sun, and Mon snaps!

Share 'em if ya got 'em!


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Hope everyone had a good weekend and a quiet Monday (so far).

Here is a phone snap from Saturday of Crookshanks enjoying the sun.

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Wish I could curl up and sleep in the sun like that!

Here's one of Nora writing her first real letter on Sat.

Micah climbing a tree today:
Tree Climbers

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Gah! I have so many to edit, and so little time! I have some from phone once again.
Tracy- love the one of Micah in a tree! He's so handsome! And Norah's concentration on that letter is great!
Amanda- That looks like exactly what I wanted to do today- but it rained!

My crazy family at my nephew's ball game!

Me & Randall

Blurry, no make-up, hair not brushed, precious memory!

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Amanda ... Crookshanks looks so sweet soaking up the sun like that! AWWWW!

Tracy ... these are both great! I love how focused Nora looks on her letter and there is just something so perfectly summer about a boy in a tree. Biggrin

Sadie ... it's good to see you in some snaps too! You have your "summer glow" shining in these. Smile Hope you are enjoying your time with your family.

None from me - been a busy time and my family has no patience for my camera right now. I hope to get some snaps of Logan at soccer camp this week though.

TFS everyone!