Snapshot a Day (06/25)

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Snapshot a Day (06/25)

Just kicking off our Wednesday snap-share thread!

Happy hump day, everyone!


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Missing your photos GiGi! (((HUGS)))

We are keeping my nephew for a bit while my sister is out of state on a school trip. Every time I see him with Ruthie, it makes me miss my cousin who I lost 6 years ago. It's a very bittersweet thing.

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Yes, GiGi! Missing your pictures. Hope you can post something soon.

Sadie, that's sweet, though I'm sorry about your loss. Cousins are so special. My cousin Tara is my lifelong best friend, in fact.

Today we went to meet Nora and Micah's cousin at the park and there was a bit of a fiasco, didn't find them for two hours later. But Nora and Micah had a great time anyway.

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Phone snap of Mal and Crookshanks.