Snapshot a Day (07/18) & Flash Back Friday!

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Snapshot a Day (07/18) & Flash Back Friday!

I sure hope everyone has had a good week and that you all have lots of snaps to share!

I'll bbl once I get mine off the camera.

Take care,

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I think everyone's having too much summer fun to post! Well, in another week we'll be on vacation too, so then someone will HAVE to come back, or you'll be talking to yourself, GiGi! Wink I miss seeing everyone's pictures!!

I don't think I have anything new I haven't shared on a snapshot a day thread, but hopefully someone else will post here!

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My camera hasn't seen much love lately, wish I had remembered it on Friday when Natalie had her recital from Dance camp.

Here are some instagram shots (2 with filters) from my phone I took on Friday.

My feline boys hanging out.

Crookshanks sitting funny.

Natalie in her make-up for her Dance recital.

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We were traveling last week. We went to IL to visit family, and then took a detour to Branson on the way home. I don't think we're really "Branson People", so I can't see us going back LOL!

Here's some images from the past week or so:

It's amazing how fast teeth grow! This is only about a week old, and you can already see more of that tooth coming in.

First bath in the big bathtub


Baby Kisses!

The kids with their cousin, Emmaly.




And the most special picture from this week. My grandma is in the late stages of her dementia, and in the nursing home. She's the big reason that we decided to take the trip to IL. Visiting her was so so sad. She layed there with her eyes closed crying and moaning pretty much the entire time. The last day we were there, I brought Hudson in with me. He came with me the first day too, but she was too out of it, and I'm not sure she saw him. The last day, we sat down next to her on her bed. She was opening her eyes just a little, but she finally opened them up really wide and snapped back into it! We got her glasses for her, and she was talking to us and interacting with Hudson. It was one of the best moments ever. We got her to smile, and she was making kiss-y faces at Hudson. I am so very thankful that she got to meet Hudson. That will likely be the last time I see my grandma. She has been put in Hospice now. So that was a very bittersweet moment for me.

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Steph, great pictures! Your niece is sure a cutie, and your kids looked like they had a great time. I love the one of you with Hudson kissing you!

How wonderful you got that special moment with your grandma! What a blessing! We are making a long road trip next week to see my grandma, who thankfully does not have dementia but as she's in her 90s, we never know when it will be the last time to see her. Those bonds between grandparents and grandchildren as so precious and special; I'm glad you got a really special moment with her, and that your kids got to see HER for a few moments as well.

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Amanda ... your kitties are always so sweet looking! I miss having a cat (Carlos is allergic) and yours always make me nostalgic. Love Nat's makeup too! I hope she really enjoyed the recital.

Steph ... sounds like a busy, but fun time! Love Carson's big holey grin. Biggrin And you need to tell all 3 of your boys to SLOW DOWN with the growing! WOW! They are so very cute. And I love that sun-kissed, back-lit photo of their cousin. NICE! And the picturew w/ your grandma made me tear up. My last living grandparent is also in the late stages of dementia. I have a pic with her from last November. She didn't know me then, but was happy to see me anyway. I will always treasure that photo and I know you will treasure this one. (((HUGS)))

Here are a few from me ...

Logan had to take a test at the end of his camp on Friday, so we stopped by Sully's statue to leave a penny for good luck.

I guess it worked b/c Logan did GREAT! And as camp closed, he got an award for the most improved test scores for the WHOLE CAMP (not just his age group). I'll have pics of the trophy later. This was a 'no pic' weekend (though I did grab an iPad snap or two when no one was looking).

ANYWAY ... here are my others for the week:

Take care everyone!


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Nice shots, GiGi! That yellow rose is gorgeous, and the last one of Logan is so good!