Snapshot a Day (1/3)

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Snapshot a Day (1/3)

Took the kids to the bounce house this morning!

Fun at Jump Zone with Mommy and Me this morning. by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Looks like fun, and what a face!

I took the kids out for a short walk between rainfalls, with their new cameras. We all had a great time!
Photo Moment

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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Natalie's Furby, that she got for Christmas, got misplaced at my aunt's house on New Year's Day, my aunt found it and dropped it off at the office (I work for family).

Napping in the Office or Don't Wake the Furby

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Cute, Amanda!

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Tracy- so cute! LOVE that photo! What a moment!
Steph- bounce houses make me nervous! LOL!
Amanda- those things creep me out!

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Steph ... the bounce house looks like fun! We drove to Houston a few times to take Logan to something like that when he was small. We always enjoyed it!

Tracy ... those cameras are COOL! and it looks like you will have a whole family of photographers. I think Logan is going to inherit my D80 - maybe he'll come be a 2nd shooter for me from time to time. Smile

Amanda ... I'm kinda w/ Sadie ... those things kind of weird me out. Wink Funny that they have come back into popularity.

Here's mine:
Logan & Loki soaking up what is left of their vacation:


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Micah was asking about Loki and Logan. Smile He thinks it's a cute picture, and I agree!