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    Default Snapshot a Day (11/26)

    It's a bit lonely on these threads, guys! Who's got something to share? Anything!

    My first Christmas 'chore' every year: writing Christmas cards:
    Starting off the Christmas Season
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    I've been awful about taking pictures lately. Looked at Christmas cards on the weekend but didn't like anything, DH liked one with a mouse but I didn't like the inside message, maybe I am too picky...

    * Amanda *

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    Tracy - I am SO behind on Christmas cards this year! I love that you are already knocking them out. I need to get busy.

    Amanda - I know what you mean about the cards. I'm having trouble finding anything I like. I usually make ours, but I am just not feeling inspired.

    Here is my share:

    a big part of my week has been spent traveling back and forth across Texas to make this visit happen. This is my 90 year old grandmother, my mom (in the red), my mom's oldest sister (in the black), and me. My grandma has alzheimer's disease and doesn't really know us anymore. But she was thrilled to have mom and I visit regardless. I am so thankful that my aunt is there with her daily. I love these ladies quite a lot. And I'm so glad we were able to get all the stars aligned so that this visit was possible.


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