Snapshot a Day (12.1)

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Snapshot a Day (12.1)

I can't believe it's already December! Crazy to think this year is almost over! I think it's about time for a flash back thread of 2013! Smile Those are always my favorite!

This wasn't taken today, but I recently edited it! Smile

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Aw, that is SO cute! What a pose! Smile

Here's mine, Nora's and my gingerbread carousel creation. Very, um, amateur (not Nora's fault, either!!), but we had fun:
Gingerbread Carousel

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Sadie - I'm so glad you mentioned a 2013 Flashback/Faves thread! I always love those too!

I don't know how this year has slipped away from me. I'd swear that, when I'm not looking, someone is pressing the fast forward button (though mine seems to be on slow motion).

LOVE LOVE LOVE your tree! I'd say Miss Ruthie picked out a pretty one!

I miss having a fresh tree each year (we always had one growing up). We do an artificial tree. It's pretty, but not quite the same thing. One of the compromises of marriage. Wink

Tracy - looks to me like Nora had a BLAST! I just don't have any luck w/ gingerbread creations. I think she did just fine!

Today has been a "recovery" day around here. And we spent most of it on the couch w/ the dogs. Logan sure loves to cuddle w/ his dogs (& I can't blame him - they are like little furry heaters).


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