Snapshot a Day (2/12)

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Snapshot a Day (2/12)

Who's out there? It's so quiet this week! I know GiGi is busy... anyone else out there? Sadie, do you have Ruthie birthday pics to share?

My shot for today is the most ridiculously rich cake I've ever made. It's for DH's birthday tomorrow. I sure made a mess of it (the side not shown is a bit caved in at the middle layer!!!) but it'll taste amazing. We just might not be able to eat for three days afterwards to compensate for the calories.
Birthday Cake

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That sounds so wonderfully decadent, Tracy! And I'll bet it will be the star of the show for Anthony's birthday!


I have a couple of photos for the week so far, but they are still on my camera. My training class is only 1/2 a day, but I spend the rest of the day studying for it while trying to keep up with the rest of my job ... and did I mention that I managed to pick up Logan's cold? Anyway ... with all that in mind, it may be sometime on Friday before I get those pics off.

I hope some other folks will jump in though!

Take care, everyone!


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Tracy- my stomach hurts by just looking at it! LOL! RICH is not enough of a word to describe it! LOL!
GiGi- I know the feeling of the nasty crud that's going around. I have been sick too. NOT fun. FEEL BETTER!

I do have one photo to share. It's not the best, shot at almost no light, and it was freezing so there's no light in her eyes, but it's my girl on her 8th birthday, so it's a treasure to me!

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I just loved this look on FB. It's just so intense and so cool! Biggrin

GiGi, you poor thing! Sending you 'get well' prayers and hoping you can make it through the course and the busy week in spite of your cold.

To be honest, I did not realize the frosting was so decadent when I chose this cake. I think we'll be slicing it VERY thinly. Even Anthony, who normally likes a big wedge of cake, will probably want only a small slice!

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Tracy! You're making me hungry!

Tell that girl to stop growing up, Sadie!

Jackson got these fun sunglasses at school yesterday

#cmglimpse |Heart| by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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So cute, just love his very happy grin!

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Tracy - You can make me that on my birthday, collapsed side and all, looks delicious.

Sadie - She looks serious but its still cute.

Stephanie - The glasses are adorable.