Snapshot a Day (2/15)

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Snapshot a Day (2/15)

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? What's up this weekend?

We have Micah's soccer and what not this morning, and then it's DATE DAY this afternoon and evening! So, I had to get my snap first thing this morning. Here's Nora, fresh out of bed with hair in her face and in her pajamas, playing with her new Lego ambulance.
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Sounds like you had a busy day ahead of you! Great snap to start things off on the right foot.


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I hope you had a wonderful time on your date!! We went out to Chuy's as a family on Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Here's Jackson helping Drew make some guacamole. Jackson LOVES to be in the kitchen. Even if he hates what he's cooking LOL! He took one lick of the guac, after a lot of coaxing, and gagged Wink

866A0962-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

ETA: Uhh…I know it looks like J was using the knife in this picture, but I assure you, he didn't lol!