Snapshot a Day (2/16)

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Snapshot a Day (2/16)

Hey all, hope everyone's having a good weekend!

I'm sick again today, but while resting on the couch I took a pic of my little "mini me" with my glasses on. She looks cute. (She isn't really a mini me, but she does kind of look like me with the glasses.)
Mini Me

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She really does resemble you here! sorry you are under the weather again.

I'm trying to claw my way back to the land of the living myself. Here's to hoping this will be a better week for us both!


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She does look like you here!! Love it! The kids like to wear my glasses too. J puts them on and he says he's "professor Jackson" Wink

My phone snap for the day:

Well, that's one way to sit... by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

I'm basically doing two 365's this year. I'm trying to get one with the real camera and one with the phone every day. Sometimes it's hard to decide which one to share here Wink

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Tracy - I think Nora really does look like you, sometimes we just don't see it. I introduced Dana to one of the hockey parents from Natalie's team, she said to me "she really does look like you" I honestly think Dana looks a lot more like her dad's kid.

No matter who Nora looks like she's still a pretty girl, and the glasses suit her.

Steph - The shot on the couch is ADORABLE!

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